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Mein Xerz Mein Xerz
Category: Kennels
Breed: German Spitz Miniature (Klein)

Histyle's Richie of Meinherz Histyle's Richie of Meinherz
Category: Dogs
Breed: German Spitz Miniature (Klein)

Soffies Darkness Soffies Darkness
Category: Dogs
Breed: German Spitz Pomeranian
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Anna Aleksejeva www. OLVIG .tk Anna Aleksejeva www. OLVIG .tk
Country: Latvia
City: Riga
years: 37

Irina Maksyagina Irina Maksyagina
Country: Russian Federation
City: Pskov
years: 57

Susanna Kissne Susanna Kissne
Country: Hungary
City: Jászfényszaru
years: 39
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